Experience is the mainstay of our company. Being Microsoft Certified Professionals specializing only in Microsoft technologies, our web developers help add both variety and value to your website. Our unique approach and expertise in a wide range of technologies spanning every platform you can think of, gives us an edge over others. We have designed websites and provided services to cover different types of industries, from health, insurance and energy to communication, real estate and banking.

Website Development and Database Management

Our team of website developers is both qualified and skilled to create powerful web applications using Microsoft technologies. Our team possesses practical experience in developing web applications using ASP, VB, ASP.NET 1.0 to 3.5, Ajax, Silverlight, including web services such as WCF and SAAS.

Our web page designers also create interactive websites using dynamic web page technology. With more and more people looking for information on the internet, we help you equip your business to answer all the queries your customers may have. We incorporate every aspect of a dynamic website such as search within the website, query using visitor input and relevant data retrieval based on the query, including search through Google maps and Google search. Accordingly we help you create powerful database management systems using SQL Server technology (2000 to 2008) linked to your website.

We also develop Interactive Voice Response system using Avaya Release 1.9. These applications interact with your SQL or Oracle database, providing a dynamic answering system. Our IVR developers carefully analyze your requirements and build a calling program based on it.

Client-Server Applications

With networks getting more complicated as your business grows, you would require more staff and infrastructure to manage databases and applications spanning your entire business. This may turn out to be an option which is costlier than you anticipated. Why have your own infrastructure and staff when you can hire a professional team to do the same? We at Pari Software Solutions have professionals skilled in managing client-server applications for you. Some of the related services provided by us include:

  • Backend services – file manipulation, order processing, data extraction
  • Scheduled tasks – sending emails to your customers, sending reminders
  • Creating and managing files in xml, csv formats
  • All other type of work that can be scheduled and automated

More often hiring a fulltime staff for managing complex networks and related tasks does not work out to be very economical, especially for small and medium sized businesses. Hiring our dedicated system administrators would reduce your administrative costs by a large margin, allowing you to concentrate on the key objectives of your business, leaving all the technicalities to us.


Globalization and diversification have made businesses extremely complex no matter what size it is. Competition and a volatile market environment add to this complexity, making development of integrated solutions, a challenging experience. We at Pari Software Solutions are ready to take on this challenge as our experts in different architectures such as SOA, OOPs and MVC, go about planning and designing integrated solutions in an organized manner. Web development involves several intricate steps where an architecture in place makes sure we deliver the solutions as promised.


Whether you have an online shopping portal or provide online services such as insurance, money transactions are the most important aspect of your business. When customers visit your website, the first factor they would consider before buying any product or service is secure transaction. With threats such as phishing and identity theft, one cannot be too careful. In such a scenario you obviously need a secure system in place, both for to maintain reputation of your business and security of information.

Our e-commerce solutions incorporate one of the most widely used systems such as Paypal and Google checkout. Not only are these systems reliable, they also hold a good reputation, where your customers need not worry about their money going into wrong hands, thus building trust, another important feature of your business. Our e-commerce solutions are designed and equipped to provide features such as:

  • Provide secure and comfortable interface
  • Maintain foolproof and smooth transactions
  • Update and modify all type of information including discounts and offers
  • Add new product or service including managing existing database of products

We are also experienced in embedding services such as credit score check through Experian, for your customers. This is extremely useful for companies such as insurance, mortgage, banking and any such service requiring credit check. Now your customers can check credit score online, on your website itself.

Mobile technology

With the world moving at a lightening fast speed, your business too needs the advantage that technology provides. Our team of Windows Mobile developers diligently work towards this goal and develop custom applications for all types of mobile devices, ranging from simple user interfaces to complex network solutions.

The wireless technology has changed the way the world functions. Wireless technology has made business more efficient and cost effective, making communication faster and easier than ever before. With ever increasing competition, communication has become a crucial part of business, where you need to remain connected at all times. The advantages of getting the services from us include:

  • Experienced staff and Windows Mobile developers
  • Faster development time at affordable rates
  • Compatible and flexible development using .NET compact framework
  • Use of Windows Mobile technology, most widely used and easy to operate
  • Quality and satisfaction guaranteed

Content Management System

With social networking, internet is fast becoming an interface for sharing knowledge and experiences. A content management system helps publish information or share data without the hassles of getting an actual website developed. We help you set up a content management system using popular solutions such as Ektron, DotNetNuke, TinyMCE and many more. Whether you want to invite developers to write on a technology blog, or simply want your customers to share their experiences with others on the internet, we have the ability to develop any type of content management system based on your requirements. We provide low maintenance, high quality content management systems to cater to all your business needs. Some facilities incorporated by us include:

  • Fast and secure access system
  • Compatibility with all popular browsers
  • Optimized for search using Google search engine
  • Low maintenance and low cost solutions ideal for small businesses